August 10

Posted on Aug 10, 2017

Dr. Gerald McKibben comments on the current argument that the degree of similarity between the DNA of men and chimpanzees supposedly proves the evolutionary link between humans and apes: “God used DNA and RNA as the backbone of His genetic blueprints for all organisms, from one-celled ones to the great blue whale. He did not design a different blueprint system for each class of creature.” He then points out that humans share a 50% similarity with the DNA of bananas, 60% similarity with fruit flies, and 75% similarity with nematodes, a worm with the scientific name Caenorhabditis elegans. He writes: “An article in Science a few years ago reported an 81% match between the protein collagen of humans and frogs, and a 97% match between human and cow collagen. Evidence of a common evolutionary descent? No, proof that God used the same basic material to build all organisms…” Give God the glory for His amazing creation today!

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 51-53 Memorize: Acts 4:12