August 13

Posted on Aug 13, 2020

“Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean” (Lk 5:12). Bruce Olson was raised in a Lutheran family in Minneapolis. He heard sermons on the need for change, but never about the power to change. One night at age 14, he prayed, “Lord, everything is messed up around me. And its messed up in me, too. But, please, God, I want to change. I can’t do it myself. And I don’t understand how You can do anything within me. But, Jesus, if You could change all those people in the Bible, I guess You can change me. Please, Jesus, let me know You. Make me new.” When he was 19, the Lord led him, without aid of mission board or promise of support from anyone but the Lord, to serve among a much feared tribe, the Motilone Indians in Colombia. Unapproachable till faith led him among them, he had the joy—in spite of disease, loneliness, and torture—to see hundreds of these Stone Age people put their trust in the Lord. His story, an amazing read, is told in Bruchko.

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 60-62 Memorize: Acts 13:38-39