August 14

Posted on Aug 14, 2020

The Psalms are often used as Messianic proofs in the preaching of our Lord and His disciples. Christ said to His own, “Everything must be fulfilled that is written about Me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms” (Lk 24:44). Risto Santala (The Messiah in the OT, p. 108) writes: “The New Testament borrows 224 separate passages from 103 different psalms, and, with the same passages appearing in different places, this gives a total of 280 psalm quotations in the NT.” Approximately 50 of these deal with the sufferings, death, burial, resurrection, ascension of Christ, and the spreading of the gospel to all nations. It is interesting to note that the Midrash and early Jewish scholars found the Messiah in many more places than are recorded in the New Testament. We don’t always think of the Psalms as apologetic, but that’s how the early believers often used them. Get to know the Messianic Psalms; they are useful in the gospel and cause for much worship to the Lord.

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 63-65 Memorize: Acts 15:8-9