August 8

Posted on Aug 8, 2017

The primitive churches were not mere assemblies of men who agreed to meet together once or twice a week, and to subscribe for the support of an accomplished man who should on those occasions deliver lectures on religion. They were men gathered out of the world by the preaching of the cross, and formed into society for the promotion of Christ’s kingdom in their own souls and in the world around them. It was not the concern of the ministers or elders only; the body of the people were interested in all that was done, and according to their several abilities and stations, took part in it. Neither were they assemblies of heady, high-minded, contentious people, meeting together to argue on points of doctrine or discipline, and converting the worship of God into scenes of strife. They spoke the truth, but it was in love…Happy were it for our churches if we could come to a closer imitation of this model! —from The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller, Vol. 3, p. 346

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 43-45 Memorize: Acts 2:21