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April 21

Posted on Apr 21, 2019

Hasn’t the New Testament been changed since it has been repeatedly recopied throughout time? This is key. As F.F. Bruce explains, “The historical ‘once-for-all-ness’ of Christianity which distinguishes it from those religious and philosophical systems, which are not specially related to any particular time, makes the reliability of the writings which purport to record this revelation a question of first-rate importance” (The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? p 8). Sir Frederic Kenyon, director of the British Museum, stated: “The interval between the dates of original composition...

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April 20

Posted on Apr 20, 2019

On that tragic Tuesday, April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School near Denver, CO, two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, massacred 12 students and one teacher, injuring 21 other students. One of those who died that day was Rachel Scott, age 17. Some time before, she had written: “I have no more personal friends at school. But you know what? I am not going to apologize for speaking the name of Jesus. I am not…going to hide the light that God has put into me. If I have to sacrifice everything, I will.” Another believer who was gunned down, Cassie Burnall, stated: “Now I have given up on...

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April 19

Posted on Apr 19, 2019

What does man find objectionable about the gospel? Everything! Think of John 3:16. “For God,” and some object to the idea that God even exists. “So loved the world,” and they object to Him loving all, even the worst. “That He gave,” and they are offended that they cannot contribute something of merit. “His only begotten Son,” and they do not like the exclusivity of the One Way. “That whosoever,” and they ask, “Do you mean mass murderers can pray and have a lifetime of sin wiped out?” “Believes on Him,” and they stumble at its simplicity. “There must be more,” they say. “Should not perish,”...

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April 18

Posted on Apr 18, 2019

W.T.P. Wolston was born at Brixham, England, on September 6, 1840, and was converted at the age of 20 while listening to Charles Stanley, a commercial hardware salesman from Sheffield who led thousands to Christ. Wolston eventually became a loved and respected physician in Edinburgh, Scotland where he took every opportunity to speak to people about his Savior. He writes: “A short time ago I was traveling on a train, and there was in the car with me a bright-eyed boy named Robert, on his way home from school. We got into conversation. Presently I said to him, ‘Robert, I know a friend of...

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April 17

Posted on Apr 17, 2019

Anyone witnessing will be challenged on homosexuality. Some will say it’s wrong to condemn, since people are born that way. Others will say grace prohibits judging. What is our response? First, we are all born sinners (Ps 51:5) with proclivities in different directions, but cannot excuse our sins by claiming “that’s the way I am.” Second, although some sins do greater damage that others, we should declare a gospel that both condemns all sin and provides forgiveness for all sin repented for. Third, it is not temptation to sin that is deserving of judgment (unless we put ourselves in harm’s...

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