December 1

Posted on Dec 1, 2019

Does the Bible allow for the theory of evolution? Josh McDowell writes: “We must first understand what we mean by the term evolution. If it is defined as simply change—as the development of an infant to an adult or a change within a kind, such as dog or cat—then this would pose no problem. This evolution, or developmental change within certain kinds is completely consistent with Scripture. The problem is that the prevailing theory of evolution goes far beyond this. The theory states basically that complex elements have developed from simpler elements, and living organisms have sprung from non-living chemicals…The theory of evolution is contradictory to the biblical narrative of creation. The Genesis account records 10 different times how God created plants and animals after their kind with no crossing of the kinds. Man was fully man at his creation, as was woman, with no long, gradual period of development.” — Answers to Tough Questions, p. 100

Today’s Reading: Ephesians 4-6  Memorize: 1 Peter 1:20-21