February 25

Posted on Feb 25, 2021

John Stott writes: “Note the recognizable sequence in the Gospels. When Jesus saw someone in need He had compassion, and when He had compassion He invariably acted. His compassion was aroused by the sight of need, and always issued in the alleviation of need. What His eye saw, His heart felt; and what His heart felt, His hand touched. Divine love is active.” This is how Richard Baxter put it: “Let us hear these arguments of Christ whenever we feel ourselves grow dull and careless: ‘Did I die for them, and will you not look after them? Were they worth My blood, and are they not worth your labor? Did I come down from heaven to earth, to seek and save that which was lost; and will you not go to the next door or street to seek them? How small is your labor and condescension as to Mine? Have I done and suffered so much for their salvation; and was I willing to make you a co-worker with Me, and will you refuse the little that lies in your hands?’”

Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 25-27  Memorize: Proverbs 28:13