February 27

Posted on Feb 27, 2021

While speaking on the Bible’s inspiration and the many prophecies fulfilled by the Messiah, one detractor advanced the theory that Christ planned His actions based on the Messianic program. I replied: “Did Judas arrange to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver to fulfill the prophecy (Zech 11:12)? And after Judas hanged himself, who arranged for a potter’s field to be bought with the money? And how, while hanging on the Cross, did Jesus persuade the soldiers to divide His outer garments and cast lots for His inner robe (Ps 22:18)? Did His enemies gave Him vinegar to drink in order to fulfill Psalm 69? If your theory is to hold good, you must also explain how it was that, after Jesus was dead, the soldiers decided not to break His legs, as they did to the two thieves by His side. Did they act as accomplices with Jesus in thrusting a spear into His side (Zech 12:10)?” The force of the evidence “stopped” his mouth (Titus 1:11) and opened his ears to the truth.—Arthur Gook

Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 31-33   Memorize: Ecclesiastes 2:11