February 28

Posted on Feb 28, 2021

When witnessing, don’t be surprised to meet believers who are shaken in their faith by some tragedy that baffles them. They are tempted to doubt God’s love or wisdom. George Henderson tells of a believer who said: “I often remember my first year at college, when I was having difficulty with math. After two or three hours of study, I found it hard to think clearly or even to keep awake. At length I thought the matter out to two reasonably certain conclusions. From then on, I worked hard till I found myself getting sleepy; then, turning out my light, I went cheerfully to bed. The two things that were clear: the answer in the book was right, and I could solve the problem in the morning. That experience comes to me again and again when I face the deep mysteries of life and grow weary in seeking to understand them. But I know that, after the darkness, I shall wake here or in the world to come and discover that the answer in the Book was right” (see Jn 13:7).

Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 34; Joshua 1-2  Memorize: Ecclesiastes 7:2