February 8

Posted on Feb 8, 2019

One evening, H.A. Ironside came upon a gospel meeting at the corner of Market and Grant in San Francisco. When they recognized Ironside, they asked if he would give his testimony. As he closed, a well-dressed man gave him a card. He read it aloud: “Sir, I challenge you to debate in the Academy of Science Hall next Sunday afternoon at four.” Ironside replied that he would agree with certain conditions. The atheist must bring one man and one woman whose lives had been wrecked by sin, but who had entered one of his meetings, heard his glorification of agnosticism and whose hearts were so deeply stirred that they went away saying, ‘This is what I need to deliver me from the slavery of sin!’ and as a result found that the sins they once loved they now hated, and they were entirely new. If so, said Ironside, he would bring 100 who had been gloriously saved through believing the gospel. With a wry smile, the infidel doffed his hat and slipped into the night.

Today’s Reading: Numbers 3-5  Memorize: Psalm 46:1