January 10

Posted on Jan 10, 2019

“Pray for them…” (Mt 5:44). A survey prepared at Fuller Seminary was taken of 750 Muslims from 30 countries who had received the Lord Jesus. Here are the top five reasons that these Muslim considered Christ. 1. A true Christian lifestyle, a consistent testimony, the love Christians showed, plus respectful treatment of women. 2. The power of God in answered prayer, especially influential in countries isolated from other Christian influence. 3. Discontent with Islam, unhappiness with the Qur’an’s emphasis on God’s punishment, and no certainty of entrance into Paradise. 4. The ring of truth in the Bible, in spite of Muslim teaching that the Bible is corrupted. These Christians said the Bible proved itself, showing them their sin and the provision of God’s love in the Savior. 5. The Bible’s teaching about God’s love. The truth that God’s love was for all people, and therefore unconditional, is a moving thought to Muslims—as it should be to us all. —CT Leadership Journal

Today’s Reading: Genesis 29-31  Memorize: 2 Samuel 22:31