July 14

Posted on Jul 14, 2017

“Jesus said, Take away the stone” (Jn 11:39). Sister Abigail tells the story of a girl she met called Annie. She had been treated roughly by her mother and, as a result, her spine was damaged and she was invalided. As she grew, she despised her mother for the damage she had done. Abigail took her into their home, and under loving care Annie trusted the Savior. In time, Annie wanted a way to help with her own expenses. Near the Townsend home was a dry goods store where four young Christian ladies worked. They had told Abbie they wanted a place to get away at noon and have a good lunch. Mr. Townsend allowed Annie to use a room in their house as a tea room, and soon the business was so successful that a store was rented. When Annie needed help, Abigail suggested she hire her mother—the mother, before Annie’s conversion, she positively hated. But Christ had changed her heart, and her gracious forgiveness led her mother to also seek the Lord’s forgiveness.

Today’s Reading: Proverbs 10-12 Memorize: John 5:25