July 25

Posted on Jul 25, 2020

Captain Gustav Stearns was an army chaplain with the 127th Infantry of the U.S. Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War I. Wounded in battle, honored by General John Pershing for gallantry in action, in one day he buried 51 soldiers under shell-fire. He preached to over 4,000 wounded soldiers on one occasion, and was not afraid to preach a once-crucified, now living Savior. But one of his officers objected: “I wish you would stop preaching so much on the sacrifice of Christ. If you would tell us more about His beautiful life, we would be motivated to walk in His steps,” his superior suggested. “You will walk in His steps if I preach His life, will you?” replied Stearns. “Very well; the Word of God says He ‘did no sin’ (1 Pet 2:22). Can you walk in those steps?” “Of course not,” the officer responded. “Then,” said Stearns, “it is not an example you require, but a Savior from sin. That is why I have preached, and shall continue to preach, the sacrifice of Christ.”

Today’s Reading: Song of Solomon 2-4 Memorize: John 8:36