July 29

Posted on Jul 29, 2020

“I have more understanding than all my teachers: for Your testimonies are my meditation” (Ps 119:99). “Moral relativism is a philosophical failure,” Francis Beckwith explains with a true story: “The teacher instructs her class, ‘This is the first day of class, and so I want to lay down some ground rules. First, since no one has the truth about morality, you should be open-minded to the opinions of your fellow students.’ The teacher recognizes the raised hand of Elizabeth: ‘If nobody has the truth, isn’t that a good reason for me not to listen to my fellow students? After all, if nobody has the truth, why should I waste my time listening to other people?…Only if somebody has the truth does it make sense to be open-minded.…If I have good reason to believe I do know the truth and would like to share it with you, why wouldn’t you listen? I thought we were supposed to listen to everyone’s opinion.’ ‘This should prove to be an interesting semester,’” the teacher replies. Indeed!

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 8-11 Memorize: John 12:47-48