July 6

Posted on Jul 6, 2018

When William Featherston wrote, “For Thee all the follies of sin I resign,” he reminded us of what Paul confessed regarding his days as a brilliant but lost Jewish zealot: “being exceedingly mad” (Acts 26:11). Sin is a waste, defiling, disappointing, a self-inflicted death wound. G.C. Berkouwer observes about sin’s fundamental senselessness: “Therefore, since every ‘unriddling’ of sin implies a discovery of ‘sense’ where no sense can possibly be found, the very notion of an ‘unriddling’ is impossible. One cannot find sense in the senseless and meaning in the meaningless. All of this does not imply that sin is any less a power or an influence on reality, or any less ‘real.’ What it does imply is that sin cannot be explained in terms of its component factors and cannot be made ‘explicable.’ We have seen that every initiative in that direction can only end up, unavoidably, in self-excuse… The senselessness of man’s sin is the riddle of man’s sin. — Studies in Dogmatics, pp 134-135

Today’s Reading: Psalms 132-136 Memorize: John 3:14-15