June 12

Posted on Jun 12, 2019

“I being in the way, the Lord led me” (Gen 24:27). I was packing for a coastal boat trip in Iceland. With a prayer for guidance, I was selecting some leaflets that explained God’s good news when my eye fell on some French ones. I took them with me…After steaming round the coast for some days, the shipwrecked crew of a French trawler was taken on board. I got in touch with the captain and asked him how many the crew numbered. “Twenty-three,” he replied. I told him I had something for them to read, but was not sure if I had enough. I went below and hunted for the French tracts. There were exactly twenty-three! Some may put such things down to coincidence. If such incidents were rare, that would be reasonable. But when similar instances occur time after time, especially synchronizing with times of prayer, and are common in the live of thousands of believers, the proof of God’s care is difficult to refute. — Arthur Gook, Can a Young Man Trust His God? pp 9-10

Today’s Reading: Psalms 54-56   Memorize: Luke 9:35