June 17

Posted on Jun 17, 2017

J.J. Rouse, in Pioneer Work in Canada, tells the story of a man converted in his hometown of Oro, Ontario. He described the man as “a noted character, who for years had been a ringleader in…general mischief. It was in the autumn, and the threshing of the grain was taking place…There would be from 12 to 15 men engaged on a crew to do the work and they deliberately…made all kinds of attacks on their old pal. All this had no effect except to cause our friend to rejoice that he was ‘counted worthy to suffer shame for His name’ (Acts 5:41). But Satan will never give up until resisted by the Word of God. The last thing the enemy resorted to was to circulate a story reflecting on this man’s character…For a moment he lost his temper…making for the man who started the story. But an older believer stepped in his way and said, “‘Mac, God has saved you that through your testimony of the Lord you might attract others to Him. Do you think you are going to do that now?’”

Today’s Reading: Psalms 71-73  Memorize: Luke 12:40