June 19

Posted on Jun 19, 2017

I was to be giving a talk on evidence for God at a college in Appleton, Wisconsin. Two atheists near the front were acting as a tag team to dominate the session with their arguments. I wanted to be polite but the time was disappearing. I cried to the Lord to intervene. When they paused momentarily, an American Indian spoke from the back: “My grandfather started abusing me when I was four years old. I fled the home, pregnant, at 14. I began to drink and use drugs to kill the pain. I ended up in prison. Now,” she said to the atheists, “sitting there in my prison cell, what would your philosophy do for me?” Silence. She continued: “I met Jesus in prison and He turned my hell into heaven.” The atheists gathered up their books to leave. “Don’t leave now,” I implored. “It’s just getting good. What you believe does make a difference. All the difference in the world.” But they retreated, nothing left to say. O the power of personal testimony: “One thing I know” (Jn 9:25). — J.B.N.

Today’s Reading: Psalms 77-79  Memorize: Luke 13:23-24