June 9

Posted on Jun 9, 2018

“There is none upon earth that I desire beside Thee” (Ps 73:25). In his book Heaven’s Cure for Earth’s Care, George Henderson tells the following story: A Christian woman who had just finished reading T.H. Huxley’s Life and Letters was asked with some anxiety by a friend whether her faith had suffered any eclipse under the shadow of a mind so brilliant and so utterly unbelieving as the great scientist’s. “Oh, no,” she answered, “my need went so much deeper than anything Professor Huxley had to offer. I was like a lost child looking for its mother, to whom someone insists on showing a piece of embroidery. What would that mother’s handiwork matter to the agonized little child until it was safe in her loving arms? And what are all the marvels of God’s creation to me, though Professor Huxley sets them forth as no one ever saw them before, unless I have found Him for whom my soul longs unspeakably—the Lord my God, my Father, my Friend, my Savior!” (pp 48-49)

Today’s Reading: Psalms 45-47  Memorize: Luke 3:21-22