May 21

Posted on May 21, 2020

Here is the conversion story of Charlotte Elliott, author of “Just as I Am.” Dr. Cesar Malan of Geneva, visiting in the Elliott home, asked Charlotte if she knew herself to really be a Christian. She was in poor health and often harassed with severe pain, which tended to make her irritable. She resented the question, and petulantly answered that was a matter she did not wish to discuss. Dr. Malan replied that he would not pursue a subject that displeased her, but would pray that she might give her heart to Christ. The Holy Spirit used her rude conduct to show her what depths of pride and alienation from God were in her heart. After several days of misery, she apologized and confessed that his question had troubled her greatly. “I am miserable” she said, “I want to come to Jesus; but I don’t know how.” “Why not come just as you are?” answered Malan. Little did Malan think that his simple reply would be repeated in song by the whole Christian world! — Christopher Knapp

Today’s Reading: Job 24-26   Memorize: Matthew 18:11