November 6

Posted on Nov 6, 2018

Shintoism: The indigenous belief of Japan, from shen-tao, meaning “the way of the gods.” A very ancient concept based on the superiority of the Japanese people to all others. Japan is “the country of the gods and its inhabitants are descendants of the gods.” At the heart of their beliefs is kami, a mysterious creating and harmonizing power in both animate and inanimate objects. It is held that “man is kami’s child” and therefore as his life came from kami, his nature is sacred. It is a polytheistic belief, with the sun goddess Amaterasu holding the central place (the Japanese name for Japan is Nippon, meaning “sun origin”). Shinto shrines cover the country, the center of worship, although families have their own shrines in their homes. The form often practiced is called Ryobu Shinto, or dual-aspect Shinto, because over the centuries there has been a combining of Shinto with Buddhism and/or Confusianism. How the Japanese people need the Lord! Please pray for Japan today.

Today’s Reading: John 21; Acts 1-2  Memorize: 2 Timothy 1:12