November 8

Posted on Nov 8, 2018

Arthur Rendle Short, professor of surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons, was also founder of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He wrote: “Many men have been great in a few of the attributes that make up life. There have been great teachers; but no one…rises to such a tower of perfection that we cannot find a fair criticism for so much as a single sentence in his teaching. There have been great saints, but none reaches…sinless perfection. There have been men of miraculous gifts, but they could not raise themselves from the dead. There have been men of immense discernment and insight,…but they have all been deceived occasionally. If Jesus Christ had been infallible in only a single one of these four attributes, He would have stood alone in world history. When we see Him triumphing in them all and in many more, we must feel it is impudence to put Him on the same platform with earth’s best. His life is supernatural.” — The Rock Beneath, p. 28

Today’s Reading: Acts 6-10  Memorize: Titus 1:2