October 6

Posted on Oct 6, 2019

William Williams, in his fascinating account of pioneer work in Venezuela, called It Can Be Done, tells how it was done, how a handful of missionaries, in a country one sixth the size of the U.S., carried the gospel to every city, town, and village in one generation. Facing strong opposition from the priests, long horseback rides over treacherous mountain paths, carrying loads of Bibles, books, and tracts so heavy that they often had to walk leading their mounts, with poor food and accommodations, unhealthy conditions and disease, they just kept at it, sowing the seed of God’s Word until it began to sprout here and there. Just one chapter of his book describes a 1,500-mile journey to distribute gospel literature: “We look back on our trip with joy, and marvel at what God enabled us to do—to sell six thousand books and scatter four thousand five hundred tracts in these very needy parts.” When we feel it a strain to hand out one tract, or share our faith, we would do well to read a chapter like that!

Today’s Reading: Zechariah 6-8  Memorize: 2 Corinthians 4:18