Seed Thoughts for Soul Winners


This perpetual calendar includes:

  • Remarkable testimonies of souls won to the Savior
  • Explanations of gospel concepts
  • Answers to frequently-asked questions
  • Stories of real-life witnessing opportunities
  • Encouragements and tips for sharing the glorious gospel

December 4

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On a trip to the Pacific coast, D.L. Moody heard of a stagecoach driver who was on his deathbed. He “kept moving one of his feet up and down, saying, ‘I am on the downgrade, and I cannot reach the brake.’” Moody continued, “As they told me of it, I thought how many were on the downgrade, and could not reach the brake; they were dying ‘without hope and without God’ (Eph 2:12).…Don’t let the scoffers laugh you into hell; they cannot laugh you out of it. The Blood is upon the mercy seat. God says, ‘There is the Blood; it is all I have to give. As long as it is there, there is hope for you. I am satisfied with the finished work of My Son. Will you be satisfied?’” How different the death of Robert Cookman. As his friends gathered round his bed, his face lit up, and he raised his voice in triumph, “I am sweeping through the gates, washed in the blood of the Lamb!” “Now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ” (2:13).

Today’s Reading: Colossians 3-4; 1 Thessalonians 1  Memorize: 1 Peter 4:5

December 3

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Just twenty years after the Cross had been lifted up, the messengers of the gospel were spoken of as those who had “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6), and the faith of the Thessalonian church “sounded out” as with a trumpet blast “in every place” (1 Thess 1:8). Soon after, we read that the faith of the Roman church was honored “throughout the whole world” (Rom 1:8). Scarcely more than thirty years after our Lord’s return to the Father, Paul reminds the Colossians that the gospel which they had received was being preached “to every creature under heaven” (Col 1:23). And this in spite of the most vicious persecution. Tacitus, the Roman historian, relates that in the persecution under Nero, which broke out in the year ad 64, “an immense multitude” of Christians suffered death for the sake of the Name. Such was the power of the message of a loving God, a triumphant Savior, a full and free redemption, and a transforming Spirit, the same message we have to proclaim today.

Today’s Reading: Philippians 4; Colossians 1-2  Memorize: 1 Peter 3:18

December 2

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“‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’ I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance” (Lk 15:6-7). Some of my happiest recollections as a young believer are the times when we waited as souls were wrestling through to glory. When at last the new believer with the soul-winner (see Prov 11:30) would come out to greet us, someone would burst into song and we would all join in: “O happy day that fixed my choice, On Thee, my Savior and my God! Well may this glowing heart rejoice, And tell its raptures all abroad.” In Luke 15, the Lord Jesus was calling the dour Pharisees and scribes to understand, and then enter into, the joy of heaven in finding that which was lost. Charles Spurgeon tells of a Mr. Knill who, speaking of his own conversion, said, “It was a quarter past twelve, August 2nd, when twang went every harp in Paradise, for a sinner had repented.”

Today’s Reading: Philippians 1-3  Memorize: 1 Peter 2:24

December 1

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Does the Bible allow for the theory of evolution? Josh McDowell writes: “We must first understand what we mean by the term evolution. If it is defined as simply change—as the development of an infant to an adult or a change within a kind, such as dog or cat—then this would pose no problem. This evolution, or developmental change within certain kinds is completely consistent with Scripture. The problem is that the prevailing theory of evolution goes far beyond this. The theory states basically that complex elements have developed from simpler elements, and living organisms have sprung from non-living chemicals…The theory of evolution is contradictory to the biblical narrative of creation. The Genesis account records 10 different times how God created plants and animals after their kind with no crossing of the kinds. Man was fully man at his creation, as was woman, with no long, gradual period of development.” — Answers to Tough Questions, p. 100

Today’s Reading: Ephesians 4-6  Memorize: 1 Peter 1:20-21

November 30

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Yale-educated evangelist R.A. Torrey (1856–1928) worked with D.L. Moody in his early years and became superintendent of what became Moody Bible Institute. He served as a chaplain during the Spanish-American War and World War I. Following this, he held gospel series worldwide, which were greatly blessed. Following this, he was led to found the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (now Biola University). Many of his more than 40 books are still valued by serious Christians. Here is his prescription for true revival: “First, let a group of Christians get thoroughly right with God. If this isn’t done, the rest will come to nothing. Second, let them bind themselves together to pray for revival until God opens the windows of heaven and comes down. Third, let them put themselves at the disposal of God for His use as He sees fit in winning others to Christ. That is all. I’ve given this prescription around the world and in no instance has it failed. It cannot fail.”

Today’s Reading: Ephesians 1-3  Memorize: 1 Peter 1:18-19

November 29

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“My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God” (Ps 84:2). William Davidson (1848-1929), Scottish professor of logic at the University of Aberdeen, wrote: “Human nature in its entirety postulates God. Man’s intellect, dealing with the systematic interpretation of the universe, demands Him as the ultimate explicatory term: He is the supreme unity in which alone the human mind can rest. Man’s aesthetic craving, the great human sentiments and emotions, more especially the beautiful and the sublime, demand Him. He is the source and fountain of beauty and majesty and grandeur, therefore of the deep religious emotions of adoration and reverence. He is demanded also by man’s will and desires; and the sense of dependence and the august requirements of the conscience open the heart and cry aloud for Him…In Him we find the divine realization of all that in us seeks the highest and best, and the fulfillment of our deepest purposes, aspirations and longings.”

Today’s Reading: Galatians 2-6  Memorize: 1 Peter 1:2

November 28

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“Love,” said George Herbert, “is a man of war.” Christ’s suffering therefore was not passion merely; it was action to the highest degree. Our Redeemer stood alone in the universe as the visible exponent of love. Earth rejected Him. Hell assailed Him. Heaven forsook Him. Of the people there was none with Him: He trod the winepress alone. He took to Himself the arm of strength, and broke the tyranny of the evil one. He made an end of sin and finished the transgression (Dan 9:24). The pitiless reed was His scepter of dominion, the robe of mockery was His mantle of power, the wreath of thorns was the diadem of His all-embracing empire, the rough-hewn cross was His triumphal chariot on which He rode to glory. In Him love stood with its back to the wall fighting for dear life—and it won through! In the midst of the throne He sits, a Lamb as it had been slain, and the nations walk in the lovelight of His countenance. — Faith’s Title Deeds, D.M. McIntyre, p. 42

Today’s Reading: 2 Corinthians 12-13; Galatians 1  Memorize: James 5:16