March 9

Posted on Mar 9, 2019

Henry Morris and Martin Clark write: “…many of the principles of modern science were recorded as facts of nature in the Bible long before science confirmed them experimentally. A sampling of these would include the roundness of the earth (Isa 40:22), the almost infinite extent of the sidereal universe (Isa 55:9), the law of conservation of mass and energy (2 Pet 3:7), the hydrologic cycle (Eccl 1:7), the vast number of stars (Jer 33:22), the equivalence of matter and energy (Heb 1:3), the law of increasing entropy (Ps 102:25-27), the paramount importance of blood in life processes (Lev 17:11), the atmospheric circulation (Eccl 1:6), the gravitational field (Job 26:7), and many others. These are not stated in the technical jargon of modem science, of course, but in terms of the basic world of man’s everyday experience; nevertheless, they are completely in accord with the most modern scientific facts.” — The Bible Has the Answer, pp 2-3

Today’s Reading: Judges 8-12  Memorize: Isaiah 28:29